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GiGi Rios New

Writer and Founder of The New Way

Private Consultation and Workshops for Film and Television Writers of all levels.

You have a great story in you.   Let me help you bring it to life.


Gloria Calderone Kellett  

                  Executive Producer/Creator                  

With Love, One Day at a Time



“I have had the great privilege of working with the amazing GiGi  Rios New.  I was floored by her extraordinary writing ability and work ethic.


GiGi's a kind, generous and supportive mentor.


Any student would be lucky to learn from her.”

Gloria Fan

V.P. of Programming  CBS

“GiGi is not simply a writer but someone  who creates worlds that we want to  watch over and over again.


 Her characters are not only fun but  thought provoking and rich with texture.


 I am a big fan of her work and always  look forward to her next script…” 

Nancy Bannon

Screenwriter, Filmmaker


“GiGi has helped my scripts materialize  from scraps of ideas and I am forever  grateful.


 Now the scripts are in motion.


They are in contention with The Sundance Labs and The Slamdance Screenplay Competitions


And are receiving development support from Scott Rudin’s Production Company.”

Our work is confidential and defined as consultation, not collaborative.  New Way Writer does not seek acknowledgement, ownership or credit as a result of our sessions.

NDA's happily signed if requested. 

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