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Nora on Amy

Nora Dunn, who is a brilliant writer, actor, and a friend of mine - has an excellent essay on her Huffington Post Blog regarding Amy Schumer's recent SNL Monologue and Hosting.

I love both of these bright, strong, fiercely funny women.

I think Nora brings up some excellent points worth sharing and discussing.

From Nora:

"Why must we abandon a feminine notion of attraction to be set free? Why must we take on the personage of the quintessential bad-boy, the misogynist frat house prig who mocks women who attach emotionality to sex and don't know how to pole dance? Schumer's women are girls who masturbate at the movies the way men once did in porn houses. I don't seek that kind of equality. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I have more estrogen than testosterone. My energy is feminine, and that doesn't make me a weakling."

Please read Nora's entire post here:

What are your thoughts?

#NoraDunn #AmySchumer #SNL #FeministIdeas #RoleModels

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