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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning – we can all use a little help.


“Everyone has one good story in them.”


“Write what you know.”


How many times have you heard this?


We all have great stories to tell,

but sometimes we can feel that writing an entire screenplay

is too challenging.


Believe me, it’s not. You can do it.


I will help you nurture that idea that you have been aching to write and transform it into a screenplay.


We will examine your core idea and build on it.


We will then discuss character development and how you envision the character’s arc throughout the script.


We will explore all of the elements needed to craft a good story and then mold it into a solid screenplay.


“I’ve been working on this forever – I just can’t see it anymore…”


You know your craft, but the script just doesn’t feel like it’s alive.


We’ve all been there. It happens.


Sometimes a fresh approach, a new pair of eyes is what we need to take our story to the next level –


to have it pop off the page.


I offer a variety of consultation options to meet your specific needs:


I'll conduct a thorough analysis of your script or outline. We'll then have a 90-minute consult - either in Person, Zoom, FaceTime, or Phone.


Pricing Available Upon Request

We'll have a 90 minute consult to discuss your idea or ideas that you would like to turn into screenplay. However if you would simply like to learn more about the art of screenwriting and how to craft a script, we can do that as well.


Pricing Available Upon Request


We'll meet for two hours to work on your material.  Intensive Sessions are structured in 6 Week Blocks. 


Pricing Available Upon Request


I conduct workshops around the country.  Please contact me to sign up for our newsletter to learn more.  Contact me to schedule a workshop in your area.


“GiGi is the ultimate teacher and guide. She provides inspiration, insight and nurturing all while making you a damn good writer. She knows her craft inside and out and, even rarer, knows how to impart that knowledge in an interactive way. In the past year I’ve already completed 2 screenplays under GiGi’s guidance.  


She is truly a blessing.”



  – Christina Casa Usiak    Best Selling Author/ Screenwriter



Our work is confidential and defined as consultation, not collaborative. 

New Way Writer does not seek acknowledgement, ownership, or credit as a result of our sessions.

 NDA's happily signed if requested. 

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