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Nice Things

People Have Said About Me

“I have had the great privilege of working with  the amazing GiGi New.  

I was floored by her extraordinary writing ability and work ethic.


She's hard working, talented and on a  personal level -  a kind, generous supportive  mentor.


 Any student would be lucky to learn from her.”

  - Gloria Calderone Kellett  

     Executive Producer/Creator                  One Day at a Time



“GiGi is an absolute joy! 


She’s creative, thorough, diligent, and as pleasurable a writer as I’ve ever worked with.


I cannot endorse her enough!"

Ann Marie Sanderlin    

  Producer/ Studio Executive

   Bedtime Stories, Race to Witch Mountain,

   Freaky Friday, College Road Trip


“GiGi New is creative, tenacious and dedicated.


An effervescent personality mixed with sharp instincts make her a pleasure to work with.” 

 - Emily Cutler    

   Co-Executive Producer

   The Odd Couple

Gigi makes the normally painful experience of going  back to outline enjoyable!


Her feedback is always concrete and specific.


She is a wonderful combination of nurturing and  demanding. I left every session energized.

Laurie Criego    


   Winner  UCLA Professional Programs       

   Screenwriting Competition

In my experience as a performer and teacher at New York City’s People’s Improv Theater, I've had the opportunity over the years to get script notes and gain insight and advice from several well-known screen and television writers.


Yet it wasn’t until working with GiGi that I was able  to get my screenplays polished to the point  of being  salable, marketable, and simply on an artistic  level – finished.


Through a combination of good humor, analytic genius, and an ability to see both the macrocosmic and microcosmic level of a script -

everything from the big picture of your story to the dialogue and wording.


GiGi will take you from the seed of an idea, a rough draft, or a project that’s “almost there” to a state where it’s ready to be shown to the world.


 Viva la GiGi!

Brett Wean   Writer and  Teacher 

  Columist Script Magazine, The  

  People's Improv Theater, Wean

  On Wean

I'm supremely lucky to have crossed paths with GiGi.


She has been instrumental in helping me craft my tentative efforts into strong, viable scripts.


I'm a professional writer, and so one might think that I would not need GiGi's services... but then one would be terribly mistaken.


GiGi gave me unrelenting support, spot-on advice, and razor-sharp insight about what worked and didn't work in my scripts.


When you work with GiGi, you get all of that and you  also get deadlines, which of course are a writer's best friend, or at least one of the more reliable ones.


On top of all of this, GiGi remained friendly and upbeat and funny through the whole process.


Where did this woman come from?


I think she dropped out of the sky.


People say you can't teach someone to write, but GiGi is  living proof that that is not true.


If working with GiGi is something you are thinking about  doing, stop thinking about it right now and call her up  and get a slot.


I am dead serious.

Laura Buchholz        


  A Prairie Home Companion    

GiGi is a truly dedicated consultant and mentor; working with her has been an invaluable  experience in augmenting my writing skills for film  and television.


She provides focused, candid criticism that evidences her comprehensive knowledge of the  craft, while  balancing it with positivity to motivate and support you in reaching whatever  individual goal you have set for your work.


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her.

- Stephanie Weber    


I was immediately struck by GiGi’s delightful combination of insider savvy, practical approach and deep understanding of effective  writing.


I have finished a television pilot and I am now working on a feature film.


GiGi has the ability to continuously inspire me  to work to my absolute highest potential as  well as  staying on course, an often times  daunting task.


I have written for years as a hobby, this is the  first time I have a finished product that is not  only marketable but that I am deeply proud of.


Sometimes the stars align and bring people in  your path at the exact time you need them  most –


GiGi is  one of those people for me!”

Kristi Broderick    


For many years I had worked on a movie concept and finally  began the process of writing a screenplay.
I was hesitant to  have an expert look at my work as I didn't want my 'dream' to be shot down.”


After I met with Gigi I was so encouraged, my dream now felt like a possibility.  


What amazed me were two things:


First -  she  totally understood what I was trying to do.


Before  that I felt like  no one understood my story.


Second -  she pointed to the areas  that needed improvement  without making me feel discouraged.  


My consultations with Gigi ended up being the highlights of my year!"



 - Dean Rice      


Having a passion to write is one thing, knowing how to do it effectively is another.


One of the things I like the most about Gigi is her style.


She's positive, supportive and responsive.


It's also clear she knows her stuff and has a good sense of reasonable goals and timelines.


As a result, I was able to complete two great TV spec scripts in what ultimately seemed like no time at all.

- C. Colin Cox    


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