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GiGi New   Founder   The New Way


I know how hard writing can be.


I also know how amazing it feels to create.


One of the most difficult things is to believe is that what you’re writing is good –

or what you’re writing to on the page is what you are really trying to say.


Before I became a writer, I was an actor.


I studied at and graduated from the Theater Arts Program at Virginia Commonwealth University.


After graduating, I moved to Chicago to become a professional actress.


I supported myself working in comedy clubs as a cocktail waitress.


Serving drinks, I received an unexpected education in comedy:


Observing and becoming friends with comics such as Ray Romano, Bill Hicks, and Brian Regan.


Learning how they crafted a story, capture an audience, and surprise them with an unexpected punchline, invariable a stunning insight. 


Inspired to try something new, I moved to Los Angeles, where I was fortunate to meet an array of amazing actors, writers, and directors,

all trying to find their way in this exciting, tough business. 


At different times, they’d ask me to take a look at what they were working on, to be a fresh pair of eyes.


I discovered a few things – one, I was able to help them.


Two – I liked doing it.


Since then, what I’ve learned working in the writer’s room of television shows

and through the film development process with executives, producers, directors, and writers, was this invaluable insight:


We all need a fresh perspective to help us with our work.


To get anything produced takes a Herculaean effort of overcoming near impossible odds –


What begins this journey is the story – your script.


It must be inspiring. And it must work. 


You can’t write to sell. You must write to produce.


I am here to help you achieve both.


Together, we’ll find the story you want to tell.



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